Camp Lavi, the place to be!

Camp Lavi, the place to be!

The ultimate summer camp in a
 Torah Environment! 

Meet the Lavi Family

These are the people who make Camp Lavi your Summer Home

Alan Berger

Assistant Director
Alan is owner and operator of Grand Getaways, a 1,200 person Passover program in Orlando, Florida.  Alan is a long time Camp Lavi family member and employee working as an athletics director back in the 90's and finally returning as Assistant Director in 2010. Throughout the winter months Alan is responsible for hiring our South Florida staff members and acting as our liaison in The Sunshine State. Alan lives in Hollywood, FL with his wife Aliza and their five children.

Yael Rudolph

Program Director
Yael is a certified fitness trainer and a teacher at Ma'ayanot High School in Teaneck, NJ. During the year Yael works on organizing creative programming for all our campers and staff members. Yael literally grew up in Camp Lavi, starting as a camper, then counselor and onto division head, returning to Camp Lavi as program director to watch her own children have the same experiences she once had. She lives in Teaneck, NJ with her husband Elnatan and their four children. 

Sheri Mestel

Girls Teen Division 
Sheri has been attending summer camp since she was 8 years old, and has been at Camp Lavi for the past 11 summers. Over the course of her tenure she has held various positions at camp starting as Gurim Division Head, onto Girl's Head Counselor, and then as Staff Director. Most recently she has rebuilt our Teen Program and currently holds the role as Head of the Teen Division. In addition to her decade at camp, Sheri brings with her 23 years of experience as an Arts educator at The Lenox Academy in Brooklyn. As the mother of her two daughters who were Lavi campers themselves, she values the importance of the camping experience and its ability to change the course of children's lives. She resides in Woodmere, NY with her husband Aron, their two daughters, and their dogs.

Lavi Family Cont.

These are the people who make Camp Lavi your Summer Home

Cheryl Ernst

Girls Head Counselor

Cheryl has been in Camp Lavi since 1988! She was a camper and counselor and then returned as a Division Head of Upper Gurim (5th grade girls). Cheryl hails from Woodmere, NY (originally from Monsey, NY). She works full time as a Speech Language Pathologist in Oceanside High School (for the past 17 years). Cheryl cares for students with varying language disabilities from life skills students to higher functioning college bound students. She loves her job and takes pride in her responsibilities. Cheryl is a proud mother of two amazing boys ages 15 (Darren) and 10 (Alex) who treasure their summers in Lavi! Cheryl’s husband, Josh, can’t wait to hang with his own family and the Lavi family every weekend! Cheryl has many years of experience as counselor and head counselor prior to working in Lavi. Cheryl has been diligent in creating an environment at camp in which young girls will thrive as confident and independent young women.

Mike Dube

Athletics Director
Mike is the owner and creator of "Dube Zone" a kids athletics program in NYC, NJ and Long Island.  Mike is also the co-founder of, a unique charity which enables children with special needs and various illnesses to experience the excitement of attending professional sporting events free of charge.

Yoel Sterman

Boys Head Counselor

Yoel was born and raised in Jerusalem, and served as a commander in the IDF, following his post-high school Hesder studies. He then studied at Herzog College for his teaching degree. In 2012, Yoel brought Yachad to Israel and currently serves as the Executive Director of "Yachad Israel". Yoel has been a part of Camp Lavi since 2006 as a counselor and has been working as a Division Head for the past 9 years. In addition, he is responsible for the hiring of our Israeli Mishlachat each summer. Yoel has always had a tremendous relationship with his campers and counselors, and we know that his energy, enthusiasm, and kind nature will continue as Head of Boys Campus.